Born of a double culture, Tunisian and German, I bathed in the image from an early age with the help of my father's chief operator, formerly of the famous Ecole Vaugirard in Paris. After studying art, I attended major photographers in Paris in the field of fashion and illustration (Adolfo FIORI, Bernard TOUILLON, Alain ZERBIB). I worked as an assistant on many French and American short and long films with renowned filmmakers (Jean ROUCH, David HEMMINGS, Roman POLANSKI, Mario VULPIANI).
 For more than 30 years I have been working on my own by deepening my knowledge and pursuing my research towards excellence. Thanks to my varied curriculum, I am able to respond to all requests for photo or video shooting in the rules of art but also with a contemporary twist in all regions of Europe and the Mediterranean basin. . However my specialties are focused on the hotel industry (very rich and complete field), the industry and the portrait, because to do the portrait is to like his fellow men.